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Partner with
Pesto Mastercard®
and Get Paid to Appraise Jewelry

Pesto is looking for the best jewelers to appraise gold, jewelry, diamonds and watches. Pesto Mastercard® is an affordable credit card alternative to pawn loans. Pesto Mastercard® is secured with valuable items.

Why Partner with Pesto?

Pesto helps jewelers, like you, earn more without additional investment.

Pesto sends you customers looking to use their jewelry to get Pesto Mastercard®.

You make $50 per credit card opened for the items you appraise, plus a $1,000 bonus after first 100 cards are issued to customers you've served*.

*Offer limited to the first 30 partners.

How it works.


Once you are a Pesto Partner, download the Pesto Partner App.

We then send you customers who want Pesto Mastercard®

How it works.


The customer walks into your store, simply scan their QR code to begin appraising their item.

How it works.


Based on the item's value, customers are issued a digital card within minutes.

How it works.


You keep the item until the end of the month and ship it to us.

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