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About Us

Pesto Mastercard® exists because pawn loans can be too expensive

You shouldn’t need a good credit score to have an alternative to pawn loans.
That’s why there’s the Pesto Mastercard®

We Believe Everyone Should Have Access to Affordable Credit

Affordable credit makes our lives more secure. It’s there for emergencies, unexpected expenses, or when you need to bridge the gap to payday.

Yet, too many people in America pay unaffordable interest rates and high fees to borrow from pawn shops. If you don’t have access to traditional credit, you might think you have no other choice but to use high-interest-rate pawn loans.

Pesto Mastercard® is making credit more affordable, even if you don’t have an excellent credit history or a good credit score.

Making Your Financial Future More Secure

With Pesto Mastercard®, you not only get more affordable credit, you can also improve your long-term financial outlook.

Unlike a pawn loan, Pesto Mastercard® can help you build your credit history and improve your credit score. Both are important for your future security.

Why We Care About Helping You Build a Good Credit Score

Your credit score is a snapshot of your financial track record as it relates to loans, accounts, repayments, and many other items that influence how lenders might view you.

US credit bureaus keep a record of your credit history and assign you a “credit score.” Your credit score can increase or decrease depending on how you manage your credit.

For example, having a good credit score can help you:

Need to buy a car
A bank may give you the financing to pay for the car over time if you have a good credit score.

Need to rent an apartment
The property manager or landlord may look at your credit score to decide whether to approve you.

Need credit from a bank
You are more likely to get approved and qualify for better interest rates if you have a good credit score.

Pesto Mastercard® Can Help You Improve Your Credit Score

Many people can’t earn a good credit score because they have little opportunity to build a positive credit history. 

If you don’t have regular employment income, for example, it can be more difficult to get your first credit card.

That’s why many people with credit needs turn to pawn loans. But, most pawn loans come with a high interest rate, and most don’t impact your credit history or credit score. 

Pesto Mastercard® makes it possible to start improving your credit score. If you have a valuable item that qualifies as collateral, you can get affordable credit with Pesto Mastercard® and start building a positive credit history.

Making regular and on-time payments to Pesto Mastercard® can help you improve your credit score. 

That’s how Pesto Mastercard® is helping more people achieve financial security. 

See if the Pesto Mastercard® is right for you.